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Site Design Beta

, by Madam Launch

Hiya, Alfonso “Madam Launch” Crawford here! I’m more or less the technical director of the site, at least until someone acquires the good sense to stop me. I’ve made a WordPress-theme for the site, but it’s got a ways between itself and being completed. If you see something amiss that isn’t obvious, do tell me. Oh, and don’t expect what I’ve made to look nice within Internet Explorer, because the site is built on HTML5 and CSS3. Backwards compatibility is a concern, but admittedly a low priority: blame that on my nerdiness.

New episode (2.5)

, by link6616

It’s not a good recording, and was recorded with a new program as Skype Call Recorder didn’t work so well for us (it ate two attempted casts). So I’m not going to bother adding a start up or send off to this episode, or even editing. It’s just a lot of silliness, and below our usual standards, but you might get a laugh out of it.


  • Rowan “Link6616” Carmichael
  • Alfonso Crawford
  • Michael “Kayin” O'Reilly
  • Tyler “Kicks” Doak
  • Mike Costa

What we talk about

  • Indie games = goth kids
  • Lots of games have sexy all-girl casts. What do gay men get play to be creepy? (Answer: Cho Aniki, where even the women look gay.)
  • Skull Girls
  • Fighting-games
  • “Just frame” walking
  • More fighting-games
  • Echo!
  • Balanced Brawl (please note that any and all information I said could be wrong)
  • Sandwiches
  • And that we’ll use this recording as the episode

Apologies for a lack of 3rd episode

, by link6616

Just to fill everyone in on what’s been happening, the week before last we recorded an episode on the JRPG, and somehow had each recording fail, then last week, in which we were to talk about random obscure titles there wasn’t enough people to really run a panel, so hopefully this week we should be recording for episode 3! Sorry about the delays.

iTunes Feed

, by elyscape

Now it is possible to subscribe to Platforms and Pitfalls with iTunes! Awesome!

I’ll work on getting a link on the side. Edit: There is now a link on the side. Hooray!

Episode 2

, by elyscape

(Originally posted November 14, 2010)

This time we’ll be discussing difficulty with Amp, Kayin, LoneKnight and Lofobal. Along with what we are playing, and covering various other little sub topics.

Hopefully next week you’ll have a better table of contents for this

Next week we will discuss JRPGs, that is RPGs from japan

Also, this is supposed to be a weekly podcast, but we missed last week due to various timing issues, my apologies.

Episode 1

, by elyscape

(Originally posted October 31, 2010)

In this episode we discuss what we are playing and what got us into games. At least that’s the topic….

We also talk about Pokémon; Dissdia (and meters); Art games; Chinese knockoffs; Recetter; 4 Heroes of Light; how Kayin can’t play Super Meat Boy, which has his own character in it; along with a lot of other stuff.

Enjoy our first episode.


, by elyscape

Hello, all. I’m Elyscape, your friendly neighborhood Guy With Extra Webspace. Since link6616 has decided he’s too good to answer my emails, I am going to be reposting the stuff from the old site here. Rather than backdating the posts, I’ll make a note on them as to their original posting date. Ideally, he’d do this instead and I wouldn’t have to actually exist, but that’s clearly not happening right now.

New PnP blog

, by link6616

Hello, sorry if we’ve had die hard fans who will rebel at the thought of a new blog, but someone has offered us some hosting which is really awesome of them, which should mean I don’t have to use horrible dropbox links.

Expect content to shift soon!