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New episode (2.5)

, by link6616

It’s not a good recording, and was recorded with a new program as Skype Call Recorder didn’t work so well for us (it ate two attempted casts). So I’m not going to bother adding a start up or send off to this episode, or even editing. It’s just a lot of silliness, and below our usual standards, but you might get a laugh out of it.


  • Rowan “Link6616” Carmichael
  • Alfonso Crawford
  • Michael “Kayin” O'Reilly
  • Tyler “Kicks” Doak
  • Mike Costa

What we talk about

  • Indie games = goth kids
  • Lots of games have sexy all-girl casts. What do gay men get play to be creepy? (Answer: Cho Aniki, where even the women look gay.)
  • Skull Girls
  • Fighting-games
  • “Just frame” walking
  • More fighting-games
  • Echo!
  • Balanced Brawl (please note that any and allĀ informationĀ I said could be wrong)
  • Sandwiches
  • And that we’ll use this recording as the episode