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New episode (2.5)

, by link6616

It’s not a good recording, and was recorded with a new program as Skype Call Recorder didn’t work so well for us (it ate two attempted casts). So I’m not going to bother adding a start up or send off to this episode, or even editing. It’s just a lot of silliness, and below our […]

Episode 2

, by elyscape

(Originally posted November 14, 2010) This time we’ll be discussing difficulty with Amp, Kayin, LoneKnight and Lofobal. Along with what we are playing, and covering various other little sub topics. Hopefully next week you’ll have a better table of contents for this Next week we will discuss JRPGs, that is RPGs from japan Also, this […]

Episode 1

, by elyscape

(Originally posted October 31, 2010) In this episode we discuss what we are playing and what got us into games. At least that’s the topic…. We also talk about Pokémon; Dissdia (and meters); Art games; Chinese knockoffs; Recetter; 4 Heroes of Light; how Kayin can’t play Super Meat Boy, which has his own character in […]